Davey’s Boatshop- Just in Time for Christmas!


Perhaps it’s not right that¬†when the holidays hit and I am busy buying gifts for others I am¬†also usually¬†thinking of things I’d like to receive from others or get for myself.

Searching around a few of my favourite websites for local designers and events I ran across an article on Davey, a jewelry maker who resides in Brooklyn not far from our Greenpoint warehouse. She makes amazing pieces from vintage and found objects from her travels and every piece has a story.

“Davey’s jewelry is intertwined with her life story, which is why each item comes with a typed up story of its origins. It’s impossible to ask her about one specific piece without wanting to know about it all.¬†The smashed pennies, for instance, she collected after setting the coins on some tracks in Wisconsin. The fishing lures she found while sitting on rocks along the coasts. During a vehicle breakdown in Prescott, Arizona, a man gave her a sack full of eucalyptus seeds. She knows exactly where each acorn top came from. In NYC, she started scooping up smashed pieces of car windows (“such a beautiful color”) and reclaiming the small glass vessels of white powder nightlife enhancers, discarded after their contents disappeared.” Liz Armstrong (Ready Made)

You can read more about Davey and the Williamsburg loft she shares with beer brewers at http://www.readymade.com/blog/fashion/2010/12/03/daveys_locket/P1/

I particularly love the book page wallpaper they have fashioned around the space….

Items are for sale between $10-$40, and include masks and headpieces too. Davey is currently building a website and trying to set up her Etsy shop but until then you can contact her at daveysboatshop@gmail.com.

Support local artists and snag one of her pieces for yourself or a friend!