Mango trees, although not native to Indonesia, have been cultivated there for many years. Once the old mango trees no longer bear fruit they are culled to make way for younger trees and the harvested wood is used for furniture making. A medium density hardwood, Mango has a beautiful rich grain that can vary widely, from straight, subtle markings to flashes of pattern akin to tiger maple. Spalting is fairly common. The color ranges from pale pink to tawny blonde, with smatterings of brown or gray.

Typical slab size: 8 -10 feet long x 24 inches wide. Longer slabs, up to 16 feet are not uncommon. Rare, center cut slabs may be as wide as 38″. As with all of our woods, a variety of finishes is available.

from the source is dedicated to ensuring that our slabs are carefully sourced. We work with plantation-grown wood sources and also use reclaimed and salvaged wood.