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Our favorite time of the month has arrived – container day! Here’s a little teaser of some of the new products that we’ll be unwrapping over the next week or so. Please keep in mind that some items have been special ordered or are customized, and therefore not available for purchase. However, most will be […]

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International Restaurant Show 2013

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ICFF 2012 Booth 1244

When you enter the warehouse at From the Source, you are surrounded by furniture designs 10 years in the making. On the further side of time, you are inside a building that was once a rope mill when the ship-building industry dominated the Brooklyn waterfront from 1820, with the construction of The Ohio, to 1965, when the USS Duluth was launched, according to

The Pillars of West

New Arrivals 5/3

Local Artists at FTS Warehouse

New Arrivals 4/8

International Restaurant Show 2012

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Sonokeling on Stage

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our toughest wood is reclaimed from old abandoned railroad tracks. This type of wood is very rustic, because it’s been roughed up by trains and exposed to the elements for decades. The planks are dark khaki in color and are often scattered with 1/2 inch wide holes from when the stakes were driven through to build tracks. We use iron-wood for mirror-frames, dining tops and shelving units.

Briefing on Woods

New Arrivals 12/27

Boutique Design NY

October is our Customer Appreciation Month! Until the 8th we are having 25% off on the ENTIRE STOCK. October 9th – October 15th, all stock items are 15% off and from October 16th – October 31st, all stock items are 10% off. Sale ends November 1 2011

Bring To Light & Customer Appreciation Month

This year, we’re happy to welcome and sponsor the highly-awaited second year of Bring To Light on October 1st. This free nighttime festival will be hosted along Greenpoint’s industrial waterfront amidst the Manhattan skyline, transforming these public spaces into places of art and wonder. Studio D of our warehouse will be graced by performances of […]

Hello, Bring To Light! Nuit Blanche New York 2011

He sees the strand and is absolutely drawn to it, but he’s not too crazy about the plantation-raised teak shelves; he wants a little more color. “No problem” we say, “here’s our new urban-farm line, which uses reclaimed teak (painted and natural) usually salvaged from old buildings.” The man readily approves, and the match between materials and design is made.

For Record Connoisseurs

ICFF 2011

From the Source @ ICFF

It’s officially Earth Day today, so we wanted to join in the chorus of those who want to celebrate, preserve, and protect our planet. Last week, we mentioned an Sat. event going on near our Greenpoint home, but there are plenty of events going on all over the city.

Happy Earth Day

There are only a few days until Earth Day 2011, and we just wanted to remind our neighbors about the GO GREEN! GREENPOINT! Earth Day Festival. The event, hosted by Town Square, Inc is going to be held on Saturday, April 30, 2011 from 12pm-4pm at McCarren Park

Celebrate Earth Day in Brooklyn

We’re always excited to try and help our customers see interesting possibilities for reusing materials. There is a certain satisfaction to be found from finding new life for old pieces, and helping humble materials tell a new story. So, when we saw Ready Made Magazine’s RM100 projects in their latest issue, we just had to share a few of our favorites.

Repurposed Materials Tell a New Story

We’ve talked about green roofs before, and Greenpoint has a couple of great examples of the differences a green roof can make. We couldn’t pass up mentioning the article in This Old House, because it offers step-by-step procedures for installing a green roof in a strictly residential setting.

Spring Again

Down the road of time, pavement is going to get ripped up, cranes are going to arrive and trucks are going to haul dirt down Franklin Street…and the residents are going to swing their heads and ask “when did this happen?” If Greenpoint businesses and residents want their voice heard about where and how this money gets spent, they better start showing up and speaking up fast.

Greenpoint Community Meeting

Last year was our first foray into the International Restaurant Show, and we had such a great time we’ve decided to double down for a second year. This year’s International Restaurant Show is at the Javits Center Sunday, Feb 27th ‚Äì Tuesday, Mar. 1st. We’ve decided to take on the challenge of a bigger booth, new materials, and a couple of new lighting ideas

2011 Restaurant Show…Getting Ready

Since the late 40’s the name Freshkills has suggested one of the most visible monuments to environmental abuse and our throw-away culture.Over the next 30 years the design for this environmental reclamation project will boast vast tracts of undisturbed meadows and fields combined with educations centers, public waterfront space, hiking trails, and open waterways.

Take a longer view…

It’s already been a busy year for us. So we’re excited to get a few moments to peruse the new issue of Dwell, which has a great feature on Christiane Hogner’s (don’t forget the umlaut) reclaimed furniture.

Celebrating the reused

Coral and Tusk is a local design team making a variety of home goods such as stationary pillows, aprons, dishtowels, totes, artwork and clothing. The majority of textile pieces are stitched on 100% cotton or linen and have a handcrafted appeal that we love at From The Source.

Coral and Tusk

Next time you’re strolling around Union Square, sidetrack yourself towards 6th Avenue to see our wonderfully revamped Chelsea showroom. Below is just a sample of some of the newer designs From the Source is offering.

Chelsea Showroom Revamp

By now, you’ve heard about Leslie Williamson’s Handcrafted Modern, a collection of interior studies from some of the giants of mid-century modern design. This book has literally been passed about our Greenpoint warehouse since its launch in October. We love this book, but we’re really in love with Williamson’s blog, where since the book’s publication, she’s been showcasing supplemental photos, outtakes, and photos that didn’t make the cut.

New Year's Day Gift

Some of us are always intrigued by sustainability issues and the opportunity to research, and what we found didn’t disappoint. Eco Structures is an Australian company that creates low-impact, modular, and environmentally responsible structures for temporary, remote, and regional applications (and garnering lots of global attention since 1997).

Eco-tents & Happy Holidays

Searching around a few of my favourite websites for local designers and events I ran across an article on Davey….a jewelry maker who resides in Brooklyn not far from our Greenpoint warehouse. She makes amazing pieces from vintage and found obects from her travels and every piece has a story.

Davey’s Boatshop- Just in Time for Christmas!

From the Source has teamed up with Groupon to bring our customers a great opportunity to buy wonderful gifts and save some cash at the same time. Starting Thursday, Dec 16th to Sunday, Dec 19th, you’ll be able to save $50 for every groupon you purchase, with a maximum of 3 per individual. Up to […]

Groupon $avings

Franklin St Holiday Stroll

FTS Retail Environments Premier

After over 6 years, we must say see you around to Dumbo (we don’t like Goodbyes). In honor of our run in this great neighborhood, we’ll still be offering our slightly worn and discontinued items until Sunday Nov. 28th. Thanks to all our fantastic customers and neighbors who made us feel like a real part of the Dumbo community, and we’ll be looking for you in Greenpoint.

See you around, DUMBO…last month 11/10

The Bedford, a farm-to-table restaurant, which is aptly named for it’s location on Bedford and North 10th in Williamsburg provides an interesting locavore dining experience set in an interior with equally cool ambiance. Simple clean lines in the dining area and a mix of brick, marble and wood provide a wonderful backdrop in which to […]

Farm to Table Dining Spotlight

Attorney General (and Governor-elect) Andrew Cuomo announced Wed. that Exxon Mobil reached a settlement agreement regarding clean up of the Greenpoint Oil Spill. Now that Exxon Mobil has finally been made to answer for their actions in more than just obfuscating, dragging their feet, and sending out the occasional press release, the work to repair the damage to our small corner of this ecosystem can begin.

A victory for Brooklyn, Queens, & Mother Earth

Walking through many local markets you will find select groupings of green cleaners, recycled paper towels, organic grocery or bath and beauty items amongst other larger label products but how great would it be to not have to sift through isles upon isles of merchandise to find the best of those things? What if there was a shop whose entire stock was environmentally friendly? What if it could be that easy?

Another Great Source for Green Living in Brooklyn

Every month the sales staff at From The Source sits down and has a meeting to discuss different operational concerns with the business but this past week we also did some brainstorming about product development….

Did You Ever Want to Be A Designer?